A wonderland for cyclists

El Campello is an amazing base for year round cycling  - but maybe a little on the warm side in high summer? The roads are normally very quiet with smooth surfaces and surprisingly gentle gradients (certainly compared with Devon lanes). With a bike it is possible to cycle from the apartment up into the amazing mountain backdrop. Once in the mountains there are always off road options. The TRAM takes bikes - so another option is to use the TRAM to either bump start your journey or to get you back to base after a day in the saddle. And in Spain your ride is sure to end close to somewhere serving a nice cold beer!


It is possible to hire bikes from a local bike shop - approx 15 minutes walk from the apartment. www.ochoabikes.com. They even have a service to deliver it to the apartment if you don't fancy the walk. It is a proper bike shop and we understand that hire options start at half a day but if you were to hire for say a week you might be able to negotiate a rate of only 50 Euros for the week. They hire road as well as mountain bikes. Best to send them an email to make contact as they need approx 3 working days to be sure to get the right bike for your needs. There is a chap there who speaks English! Their email address is ochoabikes@ochoabikes.com.


Their site has a tab for Rutas (routes) to give you a flavour of the options available to you. 

Another ride in the mountains
There are flatter options such as nearby San Juan Playa.