Getting There

Alicante Airport is only 25 minutes away. The airport is well served by a range of UK airports.


On arrival at the airport you have three options :


  • You can get a TAXI direct to the apartment  - approx cost 35 Euros. The location of the apartment is such that you don't need a car. El Campello has excellent public transport links once you are there.


  • Another option is to HIRE A CAR for the period of your stay. This would give you extra flexibility to get out into the mountains. The apartment has a parking space within the underground garage.  If you decide to hire a car we recommend that you take a map with you  - the Michelin Zoom Map 123 of Costa Blanca Spain is a good bet.


  • For those wishing to save their EUROS there is yet another option to take the BUS to Alicante and then take the TRAM out to El Campello. Obviously this will take considerably longer ! As at November 2013 the costs of this option were 2.90 Euros for the Bus, plus 1.45 Euros for the Tram. In broad terms this is an option between the hours of 0600 and 2300. See the Bus site of and the tram site of for more details. 


Yet another option is to take the Ferry to Spain. We have done this many times and thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

The ferry itself is a bit of a mini-cruise and avoids all the hastle of airports. The drive through Spain is very straight forward. The roads are excellent and the scenery is stunning. Clearly it takes longer but the journey becomes part of your holiday and you have a car when you get there.